Traverse Orifice Opener .08/.25 17mm (4)

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Traverse ™

Rotary Glide Path File


Traverse. Simplifying the procedure, Traverse inspires confidence and optimal results.


Traverse is a nickel titanium file and is engineered with a triangular cross-section for better cutting efficiency, and Variable Heat Treatment technology for greater flexibility and strength. It also provides a maximum flute diameter of 1mm, and a non-cutting tip to reduce the risk of ledging or perforating the canal. Traverse files are pre-sterilized and offered in individual blister packs, with four files per pack.

The Traverse system features a .25/.08 17mm orifice opener and glide path files of .13/.06 and .18/.06 in lengths of 21mm, 25mm and 31mm. With thoughtful features and design, the new Traverse rotary glide path file offers innovation, efficiency and improved Glide Path creation.


KS818-8256 - Traverse Orifice & Glide Path File .08/.25 17mm (4)